HNTR aims to encourage men and women to tap into their innate talents and abilities to be aggressive in accomplishing their goals. As a brand, we emphasize following your true passion to hunt what feeds you. Through our products and paracord bracelets, we hope to create a positive movement to inspire others on the same journey.

I started HNTR Co. in 2015 and recently launched in 2016. I wanted to create a brand that stood for the values I upheld and catered to both the creative and active community.

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Released in 2017, the HNTR Totem Cords are handmade accessories, rooted in mythology, meant to empower those who wear them. Each cord contains a symbolic gold thread woven within each center knot Legend says the gods often wore precious gold to signify eternal and all-encompassing power. Our use of the gold thread represents the thread of life and embracing powers of the divine to awaken one’s inner spirit. The knot that contains the gold thread is wound 7 times, the number of wholesomeness and perfection, to symbolize the journey of finding one's greater self.

HNTR Totems