Kevin Ramirez

Disney Real Life

Disney Real Life is a global tween girl franchise created in 2014. We're taken into the lives of 3 high school girls: Amber, Alice, and Andrea. One afternoon in school detention, the three girls create a fake profile of their dream boyfriend on the Real Life social network. Surprisingly, the boy - Thomas - mysteriously shows up at school and it becomes... complicated. Through this, Amber, Alice, and Andrea begin to build a sincere friendship to help each other discover and pursue their real dreams.  

As part of the New Intellectual Property team, we developed 3 web offerings for the franchise. My role included:

  • Visual Design
  • Art Direction: Oversaw artists to develop environments, illustrations, and new characters (teachers).
  • Content Development: Worked with writers to create the content to complement the franchise storyline.
  • Project Management: Managed workflow schedule and deliverables.


design exploration


London International High School

London International High School is the setting for Disney Real Life. Users can visit the website to find new information on subjects, student life, and school activities. The website also provided information on key story moments to supplement the comics



miscellaneous branding


Real Life Social Network

Built in conjunction with Disney Interactive Media EMEA, the Real Life Social Network is a replica of the platform LIHS students use in the comic. Real Life was meant to emulate a working social network where visitors could navigate through over 80 personas: character, event, club, and group pages. These pages had "post content" (text or media imagery) planned weeks in advance to update to 15 posts daily. This innovative social media storytelling supplements the comics by introducing new plot lines, providing information on characters, and creating user engagement through quizzes and polls. 

My team and I researched our tween demographic to understand the newest fashion trends, social media posting and play patterns, and common instances that a tween girl would find relatable and exciting to read. 

social network website



Social Network Backgrounds

social network avatars

Provided art direction on poses and new characters.

miscellaneous graphics